4 comments on “[0312] Now I’ve Seen It All – Let’s Get ILLEGAL(S)!!!!

  1. Catch 22
    I hate this topic.
    Having worked at places where I knew for fact that some of the employees where illegal makes this difficult. No these people where NOT just making money and sending it back across the border just to go back themselves. Nope, these people, who had no money or jobs there, snuck across here instead of waiting for the months or years it would take to get visa cause it was either that or let there family starve.
    The jobs they took, trust me, there were no americans beating down the door to take these jobs, or those that did, did it half assed with no work ethic.
    One of my best employees had been working for our company for 6 years. He had not seen his family or kids in that time as he would not risk bringing them into the States. But he knew his children where no longer sleeping on mats in a small building with no water, heat or electricty, and that they where clothed and fed.
    Tell me my friend … if you lived in a country that you could NOT find work … and there was work across the border … how long many day, weeks or years would it take while watching you children starve before you decided to RISK things on your own.
    No it is not right. But alot of these people are people like us that are doing nothing more then trying to survive and provide for their family.


    • There has to be a better way
      than risking it, and potentially getting caught, and sent back anyhow. I’ve been with good workers that have gone back for vacations, but never came back because they probably got stopped on the way back up. If he would have gotten his way in through proper channels, he would have been back with us, and still working! Perhaps some immigration reform needs to be done in order to streamline the process, but we are the MOST lax country to get into. There are countries that are a whole lot harder to get into than ours, so what is wrong with just making sure they are all documented? They take the risk of going over illegally, and then when they get sent back, it makes it harder on them in the end.
      And come on….every single country has a recognized language, so what is wrong with expecting the same here? Yes, your employee is providing for his family the best way he knows how, and I do hope that this “guest worker” program that Bush is proposing helps out. It’s those that just go without such pressing concerns that bug me.
      Then again, if President Fox would actually get his country’s act together, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a pervasive problem. His country pretty much thinks he’s useless anyhow, because they’re not advancing like they should. What did we do right that they couldn’t duplicate? Their country has been around a lot longer, so you’d think they’d be right up there with us.
      And….how long do you think people who snuck into Canada would last? I hear they’re way more strict than we are, and they prosecute pretty heavily. Just my $.02….


      • Re: There has to be a better way
        Your right, there has to be better way.
        But treating them like rapest, child-molesters and murderer’s is not the answer … and that was what the protest was about. a FELONY… please. Is that really the best we can do? Well I guess when our answer to terrorism is to attack a country that had nothing to do with it while Bin Ladin is busy two contries away in PAKASTAN … then making a mexican that sneaks into our country and works at McDonald’s as bad as a child molester is the best answer.


      • So what is the way?
        Okay, so how should we deal with all these people who come in illegally? There should be some sort of consequence fore pretty much breaking the law, no matter how good the intentions are. Yes, you’re right about the whole middle east mess……there is no reason we should still BE there while Bin Laden is over yonder still running loose and still spouting his venom.
        Also, businesses need to be held accountable for not making sure those who come over are documented, which is something that has only been done in a half-assed sort of way so far. Okay, so maybe it’s not a felony, but it’s still illegal and some sort of punishment needs to be administered to those who skirt around the process.
        and at the same time…….get our boys OUT of Iraq, and over into Afghani territory looking for the guy who started all this mess!


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