3 comments on “From the “Oh PLEASE!” department

  1. My 2 cents
    >>> You know … we always seem to be on opposing sides in these things <<<
    I will grant you that Carol Burnette made fun of many things, but there two main points that need to be concidered in this case …
    1) Carol Burnette used things that where in the public domain or obtained permission for specific ideas.
    2) and the most important … the cleaning lady character is not only hers, but the CARTOON version appeared on the end credits of her show, and therefore falls under the COPYRIGHT LAWS AND PROTECTION which states that no material in whole or in part my by repoduced or used WITHOUT permission. They done broke the law.
    Sorry … as much as I like the Family Guy … I was waiting for something like this to happen. I don’t know how many times I have said, “Man, how did they get away with that?”
    This is not sue-happy … this is protecting ones property.
    The lady is 72 years old, she deserves a little respect, and a simple HEY can we parody your character?


    • Re: My 2 cents
      So do you really think she should get six million dollars for less than 10 seconds on a show? I think that’s a touch overkill.
      and yes….we do seem to get like that. I do love a good debate though.
      I just think the approach she took to the situation was heated and had some spite to it, since she stated that they did what they did out of spite. Then again, were they doing it really out of spite, or were they just trying to have a little fun?


      • 2 more cents
        The show does push the envelope … and in some cases is just flat nasty with some of it’s parady (I still laugh).
        Mrs Burnette was NEVER that nasty in her comedy.
        And concidering how much money these people make now per episode, plus syndicatiuin, DVD and merchadise … 6 mill is not that much.
        But enough for them to go OUCH … wich is the whole point. And knowing Mrs Burnette’s history … a good chunk of that will probably go to charities.


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