6 comments on “Nuna….what?

  1. They did that a few years ago. Nunavut is supposed to be the primarily Eskimo/Inuit portion of the NW Territories.


  2. Oh, I freely admit that I’m not the most up-to-date person around, but to miss this just blows my mind….especially since they’ve been their own province for 8 years now. I guess I should get out more often. πŸ˜‰
    I think it’d be interesting to see polar bears in the streets, although I’m not one to say I enjoy the cold THAT much.


  3. “New”, circa 1999.
    No offense meant to you, but.. that’s typical of the knowledge most US residents have of Canuckistan.
    BTW: the population of Nunavut? Under 30,000. Way under. The territorial capital (Nunavut isn’t a full-fledged province, just a territory) has a population of about 10,000. They only started naming roads there recently. Yes, I’ve been there.. I had a potential job opportunity up there with a phone company. No, I’m not kidding. I got to fly up there, and stayed in a little hotel that was in a building with a couple of other things (like I think the territorial legislature was there). Three days in, quite literally, the middle of nowhere.
    It was quite odd.


    • No offense taken πŸ™‚ and WOW….you were actually there? I thought this state had patches of empty space, but from how you describe it, it would be truly the barren wasteland. I don’t think I would take any job up there, no matter what they paid – just way too remote.


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