5 comments on “The Wizardly sounds of MIke Jittlov!

  1. When I lived in LA, I actually lived near Jitlov.. like two blocks away. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t KNOW that was him.
    Would have made for interesting conversation.


    • If only we knew then what we know now…….right? I guess he hasn’t moved in all this time, and still is at the same place, last I looked on his site.


  2. That was a great movie, though my favorite would be Time Bandits. Finally got around to starting a journal, I may need a kick now and then to keep it going.


      • “I’m Baron Munchausen!”
        “That sounds nasty. Is it contagious?”
        Eric Idle’s had a lot of great lines in movies. That one remains the best ever.


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