3 comments on “For the love of the music………

  1. Um … CD’s as file back-up.
    This is one of the few times where I have gone TOTAL techie.
    My cd collection is downloaded onto my computer in MP3 format and the CD’s are tucked away as stored music.
    If I take road trip then I burn the music we want to listen too. Same for any shows I do.
    I have never owned a walkman … but now that I want something of the like … it will be a mp3 player.
    Add to that the fact that one can download LEGAL music why buy when you can get JUST the songs you want?
    So format of choice … MP3


    • Re: Um … CD’s as file back-up.
      I could agree with MP3 to a point for convenience, but I would think it depends on your musical tastes, and how far you’re willing to go in order to get it. Record labels will never, ever release everything they have ever done in their business lives, so even legal downloads have their limits.
      Thankfully, there are turntables and tape drives that you can hook up to/install into computers, so that way you can convert your favourite songs from wax and tape to digital format as well.


  2. I could kick myself for not picking up an extra copy of a few albums on vinyl when I was grabbing the CD (Gorillaz Demon Days, Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death, and Tool Undertow, for example).
    MP3s are nice for convenience, but maybe I like having that physical presence to hold on to, like a disc or a record.
    Gee, Dad, it’s a Wurlitzer!


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