3 comments on “Schlepping

  1. As someone who has lived in places that the police don’t go into, there isn’t a place in Montana that scares me.
    Except, perhaps Petroleum County. That place is weird, man. 700 people, and 7 teeth. Yipes.


  2. Yeah … what ever people.
    Well you are just proof of the late great George Carlin’s idea that life is nothing more then the collection of STUFF and when you get too much STUFF you move to a bigger place and then …. get MORE STUFF!
    As for living in the bad part of town? Obviously these people have never lived outsife of MT. After Denver and a subburb of San Diego … is there a BAD PART of Billings? Next thing your gonna tell me is there are gangs and drive by shootings!
    Good luck Sis. See you soon.


    • People and Stuff
      Remember, I too lived in Denver, and in Cali, so I know all about it – especially when the place you live in is regularly patrolled by the police. I think things are going to be just fine, and I will definitely enjoy the added space. I hope we get all settled in by the time you make it up someday.
      You are coming up sometime – right? 😉


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