4 comments on “Random classic cartoons

  1. Not only do I have vague memory …
    The Nit-Wits were based and voiced by Ruth Buzzi and Arte Johnson, on characters created for Rowan and Martins Laugh in!
    How’s that for a memory.
    Now tell me if you remeber the Sarurday Morning Series “The Lost Saucer” with Ruth Buzzi and Jim Nabors as androids who get lost in space and time with a teenager and the young boy she was babysitting?


    • Ahh Saturday morning goodness
      Of course I remember The Lost Saucer! How could I forget? Oh, we could reminisce for HOURS about old Saturday shows like the Krofft Supershow, Hong Kong Phooey, Lidsville, and many many more!


  2. I don’t remember this at all. Somehow, I don’t miss much.
    Was this on NBC? I don’t think our TV got the NBC affiliate very well, so I was typically watching CBS or ABC on Saturday morning.


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