5 comments on “Just advance already!!!!

  1. The big reason for the delay was that the government ran out of money for the HD converter coupons, plus there was a report that at least 50 million (!) people were not prepared for the digital transition.
    Which I can’t believe. I think they know about it, and either don’t care or doesn’t realize how much it may effect them. I say fuck ’em and go through with the transition anyway. If they didn’t know by now and did nothing about it, then it’s their own damn fault.


    • So we’re waiting for a “government bailout” to put more converter coupons out there, so people can spend more of their hard-earned welfare dollars on booze AND have Uncle Sam pick up the tab for their TV habit – right?
      To heck with ’em – ONWARD! Make it happen!


  2. But then …
    WHAT! People not ready! People that would no longer be able to watch Jerry Spinger and Reality TV … people who might actually have nothing to do but USE THEIR BRAIN!
    By the GODS we must stop that … we can’t allow them to think for themselves … postpone the change until we can get as many converters into homes to keep mind numbing, intellect sucking, thought f*cking signals in force.
    We must not allow people to be free thinkers!


    • OH…is it hope? Wait….ummm….
      So the House failed the bill, which was a good thing – but you know it’ll come up for vote again and again until they get it passed. They’ve been putting this information out there for the better part of a DECADE…and they’re panicking now?
      Okay…this is the first bad idea the new Administration has come up with. I just hope it’s the last. People need to either get with the program, or go do something else – like, oh dare we say it, GET A LIFE??? GAH!


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