3 comments on “Social hangouts

  1. I would agree that we have become isolated and sometimes live in a virtual world. One of the concept essences where I work is that we are “an everyday oasis” for our customers. We are that. You would like it there. Nice quiet place to eat, read, work on the computer and chat with friends.


  2. Rather amazing how much gets sent thru email or said face to face on a daily basis, but we don’t really listen or communicate anymore isn’t it.
    Of course we were used to that, but then again we remember life before computers and cell phone. In many ways the tech has gotten in the way.


  3. read a great little article (sadly, no link for you), about how the new ‘social media’ is about filtering out everything but the people that ‘like’ you.. you never hear “you’re an asshole!” from anyone anymore.. because you only interact with people who are your ‘friends’…..and everyone ends up being an emotional retard…
    ..just think for a second how much effort people go to, to remove any ‘uncomfortable’ comments from any kind of Online postings…
    UseNet didn’t die because of the Spammers.. Usenet died because people couldn’t handle people they didn’t know, pointing out that their words were worthless outside of a tiny self-serving social circle.
    Well, nearly 20 years ago, Henry Rollins riffed “…and I tell you what you already know, and you say ‘I IDENTIFY WITH YOU SO MUCH!’….”
    Welcome to the new-neo, distorted and crippled, NeoTribalism…


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