One comment on “Losing My Gaming Touch?

  1. Hard Video Games are nothing new. The original Final Fantasy game was brutal with an Inn being the only place you could save a game.
    At first, game play only required a joy stick and a fire/thrust button.
    That was soon replaced with a control pad that had four directional buttons for your left thumb and two buttons for your right thumb.
    Then we went to four buttons for each and that was quickly upgraded to four buttons, two joy sticks and four aux buttons on the front of the controller.
    If that wasn’t enough, let’s keep those, add a touch pad and motion sensor.

    Game play has gotten more complicated (thus the need for more moving parts. Also games now having difficulty modes for us novice gamers). It’s also a simple truth that as we get older our motor skills do slow down and hand movement is not as deft; and in video games a 1/10 of a second can be life or death.
    Our hands also get tired and ache quicker, our eyes fatigue sooner, and we are not as easily amused by repetitious plots, moves or screens.


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